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Includes Children in Your Event...

Zini's Playcorner Package 1

  • Enables children to be present during your special occasion (wedding, adult birthday. etc) for  picture taking, etc.  
  • Increases attendance of those with children by providing convenient and close access to quality childcare.
  • Permits adults only section in your event while also having a kid friendly area.

Provide a Service

Zini's Playcorner Package 2

  • Provides childcare service as a bonus for key people in your event, like a bridal party. 
  • Makes things easier for your guests by offering a service that takes the stress out of finding quality care for the little ones.

Help Ensure a Peaceful Event

Zini's Playcorner Package 3

  • Safeguards against disruptive scenes from tired, hungry, or bored children.
  • Eases parent's worry by having their children in close proximity. 

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